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35.5" Gray and Copper Straight Edge

35.5" Gray and Copper Straight Edge

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This 35.5" x 36" tapestry is made from hand-dyed wool strands in shades of gray and copper, and straight-edge walnut. It hangs from 2 level nails or screws (sawtooth hangers affixed to back of wood).
Each tapestry I make starts with a beautiful piece of wood wood that I cut, sand, stain and seal. Next up, each strand of fiber (a wool and alpaca blend) is individually cut and glued to the wood, and covered with a protective backing paper. This allows the tapestry to hang as flush with the wall as possible. Finally, each tapestry is hand-dyed using non-toxic dyes. Every color is custom mixed at the time of dyeing. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

To hang your tapestry, use two level nails or screws. The hangers are already in place on the back of the wood. After hanging your tapestry, gently comb through the strands of fiber with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. It's best not to hang in a wet or very humid location (such as an open porch or bathroom) as it is possible the dye could transfer if it gets wet.

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