As a life-long creator, I love all kinds of art. I grew up in my dad’s pottery studio, making messes and sometimes pots. After taking a few photography classes in high-school, I chose to minor in studio art/photography in college. My love of composition and color led me to my current favorite form of creating- with wool and timber.

Each tapestry is made over several days (sometimes weeks) beginning in the wood shop. I use locally sourced live-edge wood that I cut, plane, sand, stain and seal. I then hand-dye an alpaca and wool blend of yarn in several layers. When all of the dyes are dry, I affix each strand to the wood plank, one at a time. I then hang each tapestry on my own wall for trimming, and to make any final adjustments. I love the process of creating these unique tapestries, and am so thankful so many others love them as well.