Tapestry Info

Each tapestry is hand-dyed. Dye can transfer when wet. Please keep your tapestry dry and handle gently. I have never had dry dye transfer from the fiber to a wall or hands/clothing/etc, but it is possible- just like that new pair of dark-wash jeans.

When you receive your tapestry, carefully unpackage and hang as soon as you are able. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Gently comb out the strands using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Avoid touching tapestry after it’s hung. Wood may be dusted with a dry cloth. If you feel you need to dust the strands, you may do so by removing from the wall and very gently shaking from side to side.

If you see a tapestry you love but it’s not available, a similar tapestry can be created. Given the nature of wood and dyes however, no two tapestries will ever be exactly the same. Each tapestry is a unique piece of art. Stain, woodgrain, wool and dyes are all mediums that react differently in different environments, temperatures and combinations.