Small Business Saturday - Customs Available!
Small Business Saturday - Customs Available!
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Spring 2022 Waiting List

On Saturday, March 26th at 10am CST, I will be opening a limited number of spots on my custom tapestry waiting list. The deposit for each tapestry will be $200, with a maximum of 2 spots per customer. Please read below for custom tapestry guidelines, sizes and prices. Your deposit will be deducted from the total price of your finished tapestry.

Size: Custom tapestries are available in widths between 30" and 72" (wider may be available depending on wood availability, but not guaranteed. Multiple-panel pieces also available for larger scale art.) Standard height (length of fiber) is approximately 34". Additional fee for longer pieces may apply.

Design: Custom tapestries are available in my Horizon, Lakeshore, Foothills and Color Block design styles, in your color choices. Due to the organic nature of fibers and dyes, exact color matching is not possible. All color selections must be agreed upon and feasible. (see below for design style examples)

Wood: You may choose between live-edge and straight-edge boards.

Pricing: Custom tapestries take considerably more time than my collection pieces. Prices are by width, general pricing below. Minor additional fee for additional length of fiber. (Shipping and tax not included.)

30" - $420

36" - $505

42" - $590

48" - $675

54" - $760

60" - $840

66" - $925

72" - $1005

Timeline: Custom tapestries will be completed in the order deposits are received. I will let you know what your number is after your purchase, when I contact you to begin the design of your piece. I aim to complete this batch of custom tapestries within 8-10 weeks.

Tapestry Styles




Color Block